The two V8 Hotels, the V8 Hotel Classic and the new V8 Hotel, are special design hotels and an absolute must for everyone who has petrol running through their veins. Jeremy Clarkson? We’re talking to you! They’re a unique combination of a design and a theme hotel and definitely worth a visit. The hotels are situated in the middle of Stuttgart’s automobile region, promising first class accommodation not only to automobile enthusiasts but naturally to all the other guests as well.

In the following, we’ll portray the hotels and their individual concept by interviewing the hotel’s General Manager. Additionally, we’ll put the focus on the MOTORWORLD that surrounds both of the design hotels. Are you a technology enthusiast, an automobile fanatic or design hotel fan? Undoubtedly, you want to keep reading!

Have you slept in a car before?

The V8 Hotel Classic offers 34 individually designed and themed rooms, such as the ‘Gas Station’, ‘Route 66’ or the ‘Mercedes Suite’ make you dream about driving a car around a race track. The 120 m² Mercedes Suite used to be an air-traffic control tower in former times. It offers a personal rooftop terrace putting the entire MOTORWORLD at your feet, whilst staying very private at the same time.

Everyone who wants to feel a bit of the typical “American Dream” during their stay, should have a closer look at the Route 66 room. The legendary highway is realized in a unique way through decoration, walls and equipment.

The V8 Hotel Classic recently got a big brother, the V8 Hotel. This new hotel is located just a couple of footsteps away from The V8 Classic. Explore 153 rooms overall, 16 new theme rooms, 7 service apartments, 130 car design rooms, a wellness and fitness area, a bar and much more…

Map of the area. Source: V8 Hotel

The V8 design hotels in a nutshell

We interviewed Simeon Schad, who runs both of the hotels with his wife Karen, as their concept stands totally out from the crowd. We didn’t want to keep that from you, of course.

The V8 design hotels are two of Best Western’s soft brands. What exactly does this ‘concept’ mean?

“Best Western has decided to give extraordinary hotels like ours the opportunity to become a soft brand partner. We’re the first BW-Collection hotel in Germany and, besides that, a completely new hotel. For us, a fully branded hotel wouldn’t have been an option, because we are extraordinary and unique. On top of that, the strategic cooperation with BW opens up plenty of possibilities to demonstrate to their 35 million members one of the ten most outstanding hotels in Europe (awarded by HRS).”

Can a potential guest benefit from this? If so, how?

“Yes, indeed, BW members have a clear price advantage when booking.”

The entrance of the V8 Hotel with three cars in front of the building
Source: V8 Hotel

Tell us a little bit more about your hotels. What is its USP? Why is it THE place to be?

“The automobile dominates Stuttgart and the whole region. Not really surprising, since this is exactly the place where the first one was ever built, 130 years ago. The Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums are easy to reach. Moreover, the Mercedes Benz factory is in close range. By offering guided tours, it’s definitely worth a stay – for experts and everyone who’s interested in German car culture. The V8 hotels are located within the MOTORWORLD. This means you can feel this unique and special atmosphere before you have even set one foot inside our hotel. That’s great, isn’t it?”

Every industry is affected by the digitalisation. What are the challenges that your design hotels are confronted with?

“We’re well prepared for the digitalisation and the challenges affecting our business. As a consequence, we’ve for example integrated a chat function to our website and provide our potential guests with 360° pictures of the individual rooms. Furthermore, you’ll find videos demonstrating the unique look and feel of our hotels and location. On top of that, we’re using protel’s MPE (Multi Property Edition) in combination with a channel manager system and, of course, there’s high-speed internet access throughout the hotel.”

You’ve had protel since May 2017. How has protel helped you with your daily hotel operations?

“In combination with a channel manager, the protel PMS offers the possibility of connecting sales to all online travel agencies and to the international BW hotels. This is truly helpful in order to reach and satisfy our customers.”

Can you recommend protel to other hotels? If so, why?

“protel offers many components in terms of room rates in combination with hotel occupancy. Since this works fully automatically, our reception staff are helped enormously.”


The V8 Hotels are not the only place of interest in the region since it is located in a spectacular, unique environment – the MOTORWORLD. It’s on the airfield of Böblingen, the former Württemberg airport and definitely THE place to be for motorsport fans and classic car lovers. You can visit around 300 vehicles there. Guess what, the lobby of the hotel is about 24,000 square meters in size showing seven sports car brands, oldtimers, youngtimers and other exceptional vehicles.

Source: MOTORWORLD Stuttgart

MOTORWORLD has become a well-known location for conferences and has made itself a name as an event centre over the last eight years. 14 conference rooms in different sizes are available for guests from six to 600 people. It also has become a hot spot for tourists on weekends and during the holiday season. Overall, around 600,000 visitors come every year to experience this place.

On top of that, use it for business meetings and as a convention centre. This means that specialists, technology enthusiasts, aesthetes and nostalgics, are brought together under one roof, around the rustiest hobby in the world.

Tangible technology and a comprehensive range around the topic of mobile fascination makes this location so unique. You’ll find a trade hall with exclusive rarities and the workshop hall with numerous collector vehicles in glass boxes.

To round off your visit and for “petrol talks”, there are plenty of dining options besides the restaurant PICK-UP in the V8 Hotel: Café, Homebrewery, Italian Gourmet Restaurant, American Steakhouse, Cooking Academy and the Foodport Check Inn.

A hotel room with a big picture of a history car race on the wall
Source: V8 Hotel

For a memorable stay, the V8 Hotels takes you away from hectic daily routines letting you delve into special new worlds. Whether picking up the keys for your new car or going on a shopping tour, the endless possibilities will add unforgettable moments to your stay in the magical region of Stuttgart.

Have you already been to the V8 Hotels and the MOTORWORLD? Which car was your favourite? Or do you know similarly amazing design hotels?

Please share your impressions and experience with us in the comments below.

Marketing Communications Manager at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany.

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