No matter if you are running a small individual hotel or are the CEO of an international hotel chain, software downtime and issues can cause sleepless nights! In this blog post, the spotlight’s on The Exhibitionist Hotelone extraordinary boutique hotel in London. The hotel’s General Manager is going to describe how a solid hotel software significantly improves their daily hotel operations.

But, wait a second! What exactly is a boutique hotel again? A Boutique hotel is usually small, stylish and definitely worth a stay! They are in many ways different from a conventional hotel. Sometimes by a unique personality and contemporary vibe, sometimes by an ultra-personal service, a certain sense of humour or a special location and F&B offering.

The Exhibitionist Hotel is located in South Kensington presenting a design-led hotel experience for the 21st-century connoisseurs. The hotel has 32 rooms, 5 suites and 8 gallery spaces contained within a pair of beautifully restored 18th-century townhouses. It is a monochrome canvas for artists and designers to splash with extraordinary works. Then every season, the hotel blinks and remakes itself anew with another original collection of the coolest artists and trendiest designers in town.

Welcome to Fabulous Trash City

Photo of boutique hotel room. The hotel room is designed as a garbage dump
We’d definitely spend a night in there! Source: The Exhibitionist Hotel

Equipped with a king size bed, a glorious balcony and London’s black plastic bin-bags, this room is definitely worth a stay!

Since April 2016, this extraordinary hotel has been part of the #protelfamily. Our partner Xn protel Systems is the local expert for UK market and assists the hotel in any technological affairs. This is what Alan O’Riordan, Xn’s Managing Director UK and Europe, says about their business relationship:

“The Exhibitionist Hotel spectacularly demonstrates why there is a continued rise in the popularity of boutique hotels”.

I can hear your criticism loud and clear, “Alan, good marketing speech, bravo! How could you say anything different?” Most hoteliers think implementing or changing a property management system (PMS) is naturally a huuuge thing, right?

  • How long will it take until we can finally reap the benefits of this investment?
  • Does it really work well together with all the others tech tools and services?

These are the kind of questions making a hotel general manager sweat. Maybe, we can put your mind at ease!

Alan continues, “We’re delighted that our open systems policy has allowed The Exhibitionist to overcome their challenges with distribution connectivity to their preferred platforms for channel management and web bookings. We are extremely proud to say they are our customer.”

Still not convinced that your boutique hotel goes hand in hand with a protel PMS?
We interviewed Lena Bogg-Ekwall, General Manager at The Exhibitionist Hotel, in order to overcome your doubts.

Make Your Boutique Hotel Happy

Lena, how does protel help you with your daily hotel operations?

“We are extremely pleased with having chosen protel as the hotel PMS as it has simplified our operations enormously. protel is very simple for all staff to use while at the same time having very advanced capabilities which allow us to continuously improve our service and revenue.”


Photo of a hotel terrace of the boutique hotel. View of a table, two chair and two paintings on the wall.
Never ever disturb an artist at work! Source: The Exhibitionist Hotel

Why can you recommend it to other (boutique-)hotels? 

“The simple but useful interface ensures that all departments have exactly the information they need in order to do their job well and it has been very easy to manage everything from revenue to reporting.”

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BTW, why did you change your PMS supplier? 

“Our previous PMS partner was very unreliable with constant downtime and issues, so we have been pleasantly surprised by the complete lack of such issues with the new situation. Our revenue has continued to rise since we brought protel on-board and so has our guest satisfaction scores – as all departments are now communicating. Xn protel has been a fantastic partner from the time of negotiations to implementations and the ongoing support we enjoy now.”

For us at protel, boutique hotels such as The Exhibitionist Hotel are valuable customers. They are one of the hotel categories that we are immensely proud of since they are usually quite different, reflect the neighbourhoods that surround them and offer a unique design experience, thus, well-positioned to showcase our very special software!


Have you made a similar experience to Lena? Have constant downtime and other issues driven you crazy and made you lose customers?
Not only boutique hotels but every hotel should make its guest happy. Especially, since customer service is continuing to be more and more important. Stop complacency and make your hotel stand out from the competition!

Visit our website to learn more about how protel can continuously improve your service and revenue.

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Marketing Communications Manager at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany.

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