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The hotel booking engine from protel allows any hotel to increase revenue simply by enhancing the guest’s booking experience.  Plugging in seamlessly to the hotel’s website, current rates and availability are presented in a user-friendly way which really encourages the switch from lookers to bookers.

It’s all about the experience.

As we all know, you eat with your eyes first, and nowhere is this fact more crucial than in an online shopping environment, where with just a single click a whole process can be called into motion.  Make it easy for your new guests to get a real feel for your particular offerings, your packages, your deal-breakers.

Whether your fututre guest is browsing your website via their smartphone, a desktop at work, or from the sofa via a tablet in the evening, our reservation software is ready to help them make that all-important decision: book now and start the journey to your door!

By skillfully presenting the best deals, room upgrades and can’t-miss specials such as welcome drinks or romantic dinners on the terrace, your hotel website will now be actively engaging with the online booking behaviour of all your visitors, and tempting them to spend – around the clock.

In true set-it-and-forget it style, once your packages, deals and offers – alongside your standard rates and “added extras” like sight-seeing tours or homemade luxury soap or spa treatments – are all added to the system, you don’t need to worry about price parity, availability or the channel manager.

The reservation system in the protel PMS is in synch – in real time – with your hotel online booking engine – and your central reservation system too – and all the adjustments are made automatically along the way.

You save time, plus your future guests see your brand from it’s best perspective!
What more could you wish for?

  • seamless integration
  • quick setup
  • looks fantastic

As the meta-search giants and OTA’s slowly change their tune as far as price-parity is concerned, now – or even yesterday – would be the optimal time to ramp up your own direct sales via the hotel’s website.

You know how the deal works, right?

All those *maybe* bookers surfing by, via the deals they see on the major OTA’s (who spend Mega Bucks on traffic acquisition for your very property…) – the one’s that you only pay for ONCE THEY BOOK – are now “magically” finding a better deal on your website!

If they book – you don’t pay the OTA.  Or have I misunderstood something here?
(Let me know below, in the comments!)

To me, if your IBE is not performing – and you use OTA’s as part of your distribution strategy – you are leaving money on the table.

Your job is to optimise every point of the path a booker *may* take.

This means a robust IBE of your own is no longer a nice-to-have, it is essential kit for the modern hotel marketer.

But you didn’t read it here first, I know.
Let me know, below, what you think is the best Web Booking strategy.
What are your must-haves?
What is your perfect set-up?

Spread the word, spread the love!
Looking forward to your ideas,


PS.  You can check out the protel Web Booking Engine here.

VP Marketing & PR at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany.

Jeremy heads protel hotelsoftware’s marketing department.
He regularly demands cool beers and internet access, as well as great ideas for shaping positive user experiences.

He firmly believes in the power of change!

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