This is the Product Update April 2018. Continue scrolling to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

New Video Tutorial

On this link you’ll find a video tutorial on how to create a non-deducting allotment and how it affects the room type plans.

1. New Languages

We’ve added Hungarian and Romanian to our software. Therefore, if you’re native language is any of them, you can change your desktop language immediately.

2. Invoices

A new feature has been added to the invoices. In the invoice overview, you can now click item task, then move, to transfer a deposit from one dialog to another. However, the transfer can only occur when it transfers from invoices or reservations within the same status.

Invoice Overview

3. Back Office Interface

Trying to figure out your total sum of deposits is now easier, as we have implemented a tool in our back-office interface giving you the option to transfer your deposits as a sum on the financial account system report. The first thing to remember is that the items that appear on this report will solely represent items that were marked as deposits in the system data.



Deposit Report
Marking an item as deposit- System Data >POS> Items

4. Office-Reporting

On the following reports, you are now able to access gross or net revenue:

  • Market Code Statistics
  • Distribution Channel Statistics
  • Travel Reason Statistics
  • Communication Channel Statistics
Evaluating Revenue

5. Office-Reporting

A correction has been made on Paid out and Tips. Consequently, this will no longer be evaluated in the payments report. Therefore, you will be able to do it on the accounting report under revenue and on revenue to previous year located under extras. It will also be distinctively displayed on the cash report and the revenue report.


6. Reservations

Bug fixes have been made in the reservations. As a result, the guests’ details are now complete again on the ribbon enabling you to see the guests preferred room, features, and others.

Guest Details Ribbon

7. Back Office Interface

In order to avoid all those time where you accidentally clicked a button twice and ended up with two, three or more replicas we have now deactivated the start export button when the financial accounting system report is already exporting.

Executing financial accounting export


Below you can find more information


Copying reservations with adjusted rates

When going into reservation dialog box then clicking reservation task then copy reservation you will note the following:

  • New: If a reservation has been copied and its rate has been overwritten in the RBD, the original rate is used for the copy.
  • Unchanged: If the original reservation of the rate code has been changed in the RBD, the changed rate code is used for the copy.

Group Reservations:

  • The editing performance for group reservations continues to improve.

Office- Reporting

Bugfix: Display of room nights in the month column.

The room nights displayed in the month column have been corrected for the following reports. For the purpose of the numbers shown correspond to the numbers shown in other reports:

  • Market code statistics
  • Distribution channel statistics
  • Travel reasons statistics
  • Communication channel statistics
Example: Display of room nights in the month column


On this link, you’ll find more information on Aprils and other updates.


See you in the next update!

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