This is the Product Update August 2018. Continue scrolling down to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

1. Office

We have a new Accounts Receivable report. It is called AR Ledger, this displays all open balances. You can choose to view all balances, open balances or zero balances. You can use it when doing the End Of Day. You just have to add it to your End Of Day reports.

  • All balances: any account profile with an A/R number
  • Open balances: any account profile with an A/R number and balance <> 0
  • Zero balances: any account profile with an A/R number and balance = 0

Users can add the “A/R Ledger” report to the end of day reports to check A/R ledger balances.

this is a caption of the AR report
AR Ledger Report
Caption of the Reports of the AR Ledgers report
Report Overview of The AR Ledger

2. Market code and Distribution channel inherited from rate code

This is a managerial task. Over the past two updates, we’ve introduced the function that once you change the price code the reservation code will adapt to fit that code. Now, you can do so for allotment.

When you create the allotment, the system automatically sets the default distribution channel and market code when you select a rate code.

To improve user flow, the order of the fields on the Allotment Overview screen has been altered. The “Rate code” field precedes reservation codes (e.g. Market Code / Distribution Channel Codes).

Of course, the reservation codes can be changed at a later date.

If a reservation is now created in this allotment, these default values are automatically set.

  • Only codes that have been defined at rate level are inherited for the allotment dialogue.
  • If you want to assign different codes for a stay, set this in the reservation. (Reservation > RBD)
  • If the distribution channel and market code have been defined as mandatory entries, we recommend that you set the default value

You can find more information about this by clicking this link.

3. Guest Ledger Report

We have a new guest ledger report that shows all open balances from reservations to financial accounts on a respective day. This can work in conjunction with many other reports, as an example, to help account for the difference between any amounts charged and payments received on a specific date.


  • Details about all of the checked in or open/outstanding invoices per reservation or invoice number.
  • Informs the hotelier about all of the hotel’s outstanding sums
  • Can be executed for past and current business days.
  • Can be generated with each end of day (Office > End of day > Reports and Lists: Add list)

4. Overbooking

This is a managerial task. We have updated our overbooking function. Previously, you could determinate a fixed overbooking value. However, with this update, you can now determine your overbooking by room type or entire hotel. And these can be per day, weekday or period. You can find more information by scrolling below.

This is a caption of the overbooking feature
Overbooking Tab
This is a caption that would appear in case you would overbook a room
Message when Overbooking

In order to use the overbooking feature, the user needs to have the rights to it. In case someone tries to overbook a room without the respective user rights a message will pop up. This will give them the option to ask for authorization. So in this case, someone who possesses such rights would grant them permission to overbook.

This is a captation of the overbooking pop up that appears if a user doesn't have the rights to it nd is asking for permission
Overbook Permission Pop-up

You can find more information about this in this link.

Apply market code and distribution channel from the price configuration

This is a managerial task. Last month we introduced the ability to specify the market code and distribution channel via the rate code. This was only available on individual reservations and we have now expanded it into group reservations too.

Please note

  • The group master inherits the distribution channels/market codes defined at the rate code rule level. Distribution channels/market codes defined at the calculation level in the rate code are not taken into account for group reservations.
  • If varying market codes or distribution channels are to apply to a group reservation, this can be set in the group reservation dialog box at the group member level (Select group members > [Edit] > [RBD])
  • In the Group overview tab, the distribution channel and market code can be centrally set for the entire group.
  • In general the following applies: If market code/distribution channel are defined as mandatory fields (XSetup system setting), a default value must be defined in the system data (System Data >Reservation > Reservation codes > Default settings > Hotel management).

You can find more information about this here.

Scroll below to find some more information on this months update.

Change in a report name

Office > Reporting > Front Office > Trial Balance

Our report that deals with the balance occurred at the end of day has gone into careful revision and we have changed the name from Balance and Revenue Management to Trial Balance.

  • New: Recording of deposit payment transactions in the Guest Ledger, i.e., if a deposit has been paid or refunded.
  • A detailed description of how to read the report and compare its figures with the results of other reports will follow shortly.


System Data > Documents > Text templates > Settings > E-mail settings

When an email is sent from protel Air for a completion of invoice, a reservation confirmation or other, a copy of the message can now be sent to you (the hotel). And you are now able to see to who the email was originally sent to. Giving you an accurate overview of when and which customers are receiving the email alongside with a copy in case you need to for your files.

This is a caption of the new feauture where you can add the hotel as a blind copy
Automatic Blind Copy


Guest profile > Personal salutation

Up till now, the personal salutation of a guest was always automatically selected in the hotel’s language. With the help of an XSetup, the salutation can now be published in the guest’s language.

Set the “Export Salutations in guest language” under [System Data > System > XSetup > Configuration > Interfaces > onSiteInterfaces > guestdata].

You can find more information on this months update by clicking on this link.

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