New Video Tutorial

On this link you’ll be able to find a video tutorial on how to post items or change into a room in an invoice.


1. Hotel Status Widget

protel air hotel status widget, displaying arrivals and checked in in on line , in house on a line bellow and due out and checked out on another line. Bellow there is a display with the occupancy display that shows the difference between available and occupied in two different colors and to the right there is a label to show what each color represents. In the label there is a third color that currently is not being used.
New Hotel Status Widget

As you saw in the video we have a new design on our active desktop. It embodied a new clear structure that gives it a sophisticated and distinctive look. The occupancy display is now easier to read due to its new structure. It helps you differentiate better between open arrivals and guests who havens arrived, as well as open departures and guests who have left.

2. New Enquiry Group

Now, you have the ability to group your rates into inquiry groups. Making reservation inquires much more easy and efficient as well as aiding your sales process.

When performing a reservation enquiry, the enquiry is limited to the selected enquiry group. which helps you to always offer the right rate. Additionally, this can provide a big performance gain. Especially for hotels with many rates. As the query is only looking for those rates in the selected group, the search results list on the reservation enquiry screen becomes much more compact.

Be aware that the default preselection is always General.

capture of the reservation enquiry tab, with the enquiry group selected with a drop down with the new enquiry groups, this section highlighted in red
New Enquiry Group
Enquiry group Description
General Rate codes for general sale will appear by default when checking rate availability in the reservation enquiry screen.

NOTE: On live update, all rate codes for existing hotels will default to General (to match existing functionality as it was before the update).

Contract rate Rate codes which have pre-agreed contracts with third party companies and travel agents need to be re-assigned from General to Contract rate. This means if you need to select one of these rates you will initially need to select from the dropdown list in the reservation enquiry from General to Contract rate
Other Rate codes for internal use or anything not fitting into GENERAL or CONTRACTED.


 In order to use the feature and improve your selling process, please review existing rates and assign/reassign suitable enquiry groups to each rate.

3. Entering Negative Postings

Negative amounts can now be entered when posting items or charges. The price will then appear with a minus sign. You can enter a negative amount on the quantity column or in the unit price, just use a minus sign.

this is a capture of the tab for unit prices. In which the unit price column is highlighted by a red line and it displays a number with a minus sign , you also have the total column highlighted in the same manor with the same number with a minus sign
Negative amount in unit price
this is a capture of the unit price tab. The column with quantity is highlighted with a red line with a minus one to demonstrate what
Negative amounts inn quantity column

4. AVS Registration Form Interface

A new interface to AVS has been implemented. This is a electronic registration form process used on many German speaking countries. This interface automatically transmits the relevant data for guests obligated to register to the AVS Web service.

It is a screenshot of the form used to request the guests and hotels information to complete the AVS
AVS Registration Form

You receive a PDF with the digital registration form, including visitor’s tax and registration number within seconds. Once you have, this is saved to the guest’s text history.

This is a capture of the AVS PDF in the protel software
AVS Form

The interface to the Feratel registration system automatically transfers the relevant data to Feratel for guests obligated to register and then creates the respective registration form.

If you’re interested please contact our sales team.


                                                Below you can find more information

Enhanced performance

The following improvements have been made to further optimize performance:

  • Shorter loading times for various actions in the reservation and invoice dialog
  • More speed when editing group reservations (e.g., when altering departure date, reservation status, or rate code for an entire group)
  • Improved performance when creating and editing long-stay reservations.

Options | Registering moves

When you went into Options > Register moves, we have made a bug fix. The reservations can now also be moved to a room which was recently canceled.

Further improvements and bug fixes

  • Group reservations: 
    Various bug fixes
  • Moving rooms in the room plan during a guest’s stay:
    Under certain circumstances, the wrong price was displayed in the reservation dialog box (room tab, guest tab, and RBD tab), when partially moving a room to another room type.
  • Invoices:
    Fixed problem in connection with the invoice’s API.
  • IDS interface:
    Discrepancies with availability fixed,
  • RKSV (Cash Register Security Regulation – only applicable for Austria! [different color]) :
    RKSV business logic improved and problems with the start receipt signature have been fixed.
  • Data transfer from third-party systems:
    When switching systems from an old system to protel Air, the data stock from the old system can be transferred to the protel Cloud. Various improvements for importing guest data have been made.


On this link, you’ll be able to find more information on February’s and other updates.


See you in the next update!

Marketing Assistant at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany .

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