This is the Product Update January 2018. Continue scrolling to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

New Video Tutorial

On this link you’ll be able to find a video tutorial on how to post items or change into a room in an invoice.

1. Hint when rate restriction is ignored

Now, if a reservation has been booked, even though it had a rate restriction, a note will be displayed in the reservation dialog box.

 2. New External Print Mode

You will also be able to send guest facing documents into a third-party application. All you have to do is go into Reservation Dialog, click print task, then, next to print mode there is a dropdown. Next just press External Print. And with this, the external system is triggered to create an email or document accordingly.


If you would like to know more about this please contact our sales team.

3. New Report:

Our team has implemented a new standard report where you can now find a standard report that reveals a list of all configured items, payment methods and taxes in the system. To get it, go into office, then press reporting and go into items, payments and taxes.

4. End of day delivery:

The offset value on your end of day delivery has been increased to 31 days. Which means you can now view your entire last month, or your month ahead. This can be especially helpful on reports where it has month to date figures such as the manager report.

5. Event Plan:

Now you can find a trash bin icon that you can use to delete individual items on your agenda.



6. Browser Zoom

On your web browsers you are now able zoom, in order  to scale your pages . However, choosing any zoom level other than its default, 100%,  may cause you experience some irregular behavior in your dialog box. So, for every area that you might experience this a pop up message will appear advising you to set the zoom to default.

To do this, you have to [Ctrl] + 0 on a Wndows, or [Cmd] + 0 on a mac.

7. RSV/EFSTA Features

We have a new tax replacement code, that will ensure that the right date always appears on your invoice. Just include it on in your invoice form.




Bellow you can read some more updates. 

12/24 hour time format setting

In the system data, you are able to choose between 12 hour (AM/PM) and 24 hour format. And once you set it will be applied through your entire system.



In the profile dialog box, we’ve added a new box that enables you to write the middle name of the guest.



You can resubmit a reservation to Best Western, for example if the reservation has not received a CRS number or if reservation changes have not been submitted to the Best Western Member Web. Go into Reservation Dialog Boxthe Reservation or Room tab, then in the Reservation actions drop down click sync.


Event Plan:

You will also be able to see and download attached file in the event plan. You can find this, on the room information window.


On this link, you’ll be able to find more information on the January update.

See you in the next update!

Marketing Assistant at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany .

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