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1. Reservations

We have implemented the ability to save various market codes or distribution channels for the individual days of a guest’s stay in the RBD grid. This feature has been enhanced with the new ability to default market codes and distribution channels in the rate settings. The default values will automatically copy to the reservation when a reservation is made in protel Air.

This feature allows hotel management to predefine default values that shall be populated automatically during the manual booking process, improving accuracy and statistics, while reducing the risk of user error and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Take into consideration:

  • This enhancement applies to advanced pricing rate codes and virtual rate codes (simple room rates are not supported).
  • The function is currently limited to single reservations (groups and allotments will be supported in future Sprint releases). Figure: Reservation dialog box > Rate by day grid > Edit > Add/change market code and distribution channel


a capture which shows step to step on how to get market code into a column displayed.
Figure: Reservation dialog box > Rate by day grid > Show columns


You can find more information about this by clicking on this link.

2. Reservations

This is a managerial task. When a code has been changed in the RBD grid the code will be shown in bold within the reservation overview. So you know that various codes exist. If you choose to change the code in the reservation overview you will be notified that multiple codes exist. Consequently, the code will take precedence to the one within the RBD.

With this in mind, if there are several codes, the code valid for the respective day is always displayed.

The codes are also transferred to the RBD grid when a reservation comes in from an interface, such as the protel Air WBE, IDS connect, WBE5, etc.

3. Deposit Handling

In deposit handling you are now unable to add an invalid reservation to cancel, no-shows and checked-out reservations to group arrivals in order to avoid having an imbalanced system.

4. Reservation

You now have a tax summary breakdown tool, when using reservation enquiry. In this case, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the rate value and a box will pop up encasing this breakdown.

This is a capture from the software, showing that when you hover over the rate value a tax breakdown appears.
Tax breakdown within reservations.

5. Deposit Handling

Another change has been made in deposit handling. If a deposit hasn’t matured when checking in a group reservation a message will appear letting you know that checking in will mature the deposit on to the group master invoice and whether you want to continue the process or not. If you select no, the process is cancelled and if you click yes, the process will continue.

6. Confidential Rate Functionality

This is a managerial task. You now have the ability to hide non-disclosed rates in order to reduce the risk of sharing confidential information with guests.

protel Air now accommodates new functionality which hides the rate amount throughout the application. When the Confidential Rates function is set to “TRUE” and a rate code has been configured as a confidential rate. A ‘CR’ by default displays in the field where the rate amount would otherwise display (‘CR’=Confidential rate).

We are also pleased to announce you have the ability to change the default CR value to a custom value based on hotel needs.

Please note: The Confidential Rate functionality is an add-on which needs to be activated by means of a special system setting (XSetup). Please contact your protel Cloud Support Team or your local protel Air partner if you would like to use this functionality and have the respective settings done for you.

You can find out more by using this link.

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Improvement: Ability to change reservation codes for checked-out reservations.

Reservation > Reservation dialog box

Market code and Distribution channel can now be changed again for checked out reservations. It’s important to realize that this applies to checked-out single reservations and group members.

Please note:

  • If you export the market code to a back office system, you should not subsequently change it, as this inevitably leads to discrepancies.
  • A user right that controls the ability to change reservation codes on checked-out reservations will be available at a later stage.


KeyCard Interfaces

  • Technical performance improvements relating to key card handling.

Registration Card Interfaces

  • The AVS registration card interface now also includes accommodation revenues (special requirement Germany).

New: Advanced Packages

Benefit: This feature allows hotel management to manage package absorption for a connection point of sale and improve reporting based on the actual guest’s consumption.

Advanced packages allow you to setup package rates where charges can be posted manually or from an external interface (e.g. a POS System). This offset against a consumption allowance amount.

The allowance is the amount which the guest can consume against. Any overage above the allowance amount will be posted as an overage charge to the guest’s invoice. With advanced packages the exact consumption of the package is evaluated, a result can lead to a profit or a loss, and the hotelier can see if the package pays off.

 Please note: Advanced packages is an enhanced function which needs consideration when enabling this functionality. E. g., current functionality handles one outlet. If you would like to use advanced packages in your business, ask your protel Air partner or contact us here at protel at

Further information

 Watch our Video Tutorials:

A detailed user and configuration guide can be found in our new Advanced Packages Help Topics.


You can find more information on this months update by clicking on this link.

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