This is the Product Update June 2018. Continue scrolling down to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

1. Important changes when creating new users

Previously you would have to create and link each HTML5 user, but now you don’t have to worry about it anymore as it is done automatically. Be aware that that now you will have to assign their user rights, as they start off with no rights for security.

Log in with a user with administrator rights and open the user administration (System Data > System > User management (Flash)). Then assign the desired rights to the user.

Find out more by clicking on this link.

2. Invoices

The tax amounts that appear on the on top of the sales prices can be displayed in invoice overview for the whole stay. So, the tax amount will always be displayed as a separate item on the invoice.

this is a caption of the screen of the invoice with the part where the new tax feature is highlighted by a red line surrounding it
Forecast of tax amounts in the invoice overview 


the logo of GDPR
GDPR logo

To help you be more compliant with GDPR we have two new updates.

We have a new icon used to anonymize the guests files as background task. While processing a cogwheel will appear and once it has completed you it will change into check marks.

We also will remove any personal data from your training basis from when the GDPR law took effect.This means all previous and future profiles will be anoymized. You can find more information about this by scrolling below.

4. System Data

It is now compulsory to enter the item number in the system data due to organization issues. If you do not attribute an item number to it the internal system data ID will be used.

By scrolling down you can find more information on Junes Update

Active lists

            Housekeeping list: Totals display

Lists > Housekeeping > Housekeeping

Improvement: The printed Housekeeping list shows the sum of the respective arrivals, departures, moves, checked-in guests and empty rooms per department on each page, and on the last page the corresponding total amounts – see following figure.

A capture of the house keeping list where there is a red outline that shows the sum of the respective arrivals, departures, moves, checked-in guests and empty rooms per department on each page, and on the last page the corresponding total amounts
Active List Housekeeping


              Reservation enquiry| New Price display mode

Reservation > Reservation enquiry

By default, the price shown in the reservation enquiry is the total amount for the requested room in a particular room type and according to a particular rate code.

But now,  as an alternative to the overall rate amount, the average price per night can now be displayed. You can switch the price display mode using the new Price Display drop-down-list – see the following figure.

The default price display mode can be set via a special system setting.

Our Support or your protel Partner will be happy to make the appropriate settings for you. Please contact us!

              Reservation enquiry| Improved Performance

The speed of executing a reservation request has been improved for certain queries.

System Data

            “Account” Information removed from market segment and taxes

In view of the new financial accounting mapping, the now obsolete field for storing account information has been removed from the market segment and tax system data (release in planning).


In this link, you’ll be able to find some more information on April’s updates.


See you in the next update!


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