This is the Product Update March 2018. Continue scrolling down to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

1. Active Lists

We’ve made some changes to the displaying of prices on our active list. Now, you can display the average price for the night, labeled as the average price, previously named price. And in addition, you can now display the price for that specific day, it will appear under the column labeled price. To ensure that the new Price column is displayed, you must activate it by checking the relevant checkbox.

2. Reservation Enquiry

We have a new reservation enquiry column. This is the “rate description” which shows the description assigned to the rates. In order for it to appear on your desktop you have to activate it. Just use the mini menu from the small arrow in a column.

3. Invoices

Now, in the invoice dialog box, you can move an item into a new invoice. All you have to do is go into invoice dialog, the context menu of the invoice item, then click item task , move and new invoice. This will open a new invoice window in the guests’ invoice.


4. Reservation Enquiries

We’ve made some changes to the way you can create reservations on the guests’ profile. Previously, when clicking new reservation, a reservation would be added automatically, and you would have to manually change the room type, room number, the number of nights if longer than one day, etc. But now when you click it, you will be taken directly to the reservation enquiry, making it easier and faster to create a reservation.


Below you can find more information

Performance Improvements

The following improvements have been made to further optimize performance:

  • Quicker reservation inquiry. Especially large amounts of data can now be processed in a considerably shorter amount of time.
  • Improved speed when canceling group reservations.



  • Improvement: The print title has been adjusted for the market code statistics, communication channel statistics, travel reason statistics, and distribution channel statistics reports, when printing them. Up till now, when printing reports, all of the reports had the same title. Now they each have their own name.
  • Bug fix: In some cases, accommodation amounts displayed in the Balance and Revenue Management report did not balance with the amounts shown in the revenue report, accounting report, and journal by date.

System data

Improvement: Display of disabled elements in selection lists

If you deactivate a certain element in the system data, the element is preserved in profiles or reservations if it was assigned before deactivating it. However, other disabled items are no longer available for selection.


Bugfix: In the allotment dialog, we have improved the handling of time periods when editing an allotment. You can only edit an allotment if a valid time period is chosen. Otherwise, an error message appears.

Fixed charges

Bugfix: Items marked as ‘Reduces Cash’ in the System Data are no longer available as fixed charges in the reservation dialog. They can, however, be posted directly to the invoice or via the cash register.

protel Air HTML5 Benutzerrechte

New user rights for editing room plan/room type plan

System > User administration > User Roles > Add / Edit

Two new user rights now allow the user to edit the room plan/room type plan, i.e., hide and showrooms.

 The user rights are called: PAirOpenRoomTypePlanSettings and PAirOpenRoomPlanSettings..

 All of the new rights are added to the “pAir Front Office” default role. This means all users with this role automatically receive the right to use this function. Please advise your clients to withdraw the rights for certain users, if need be.

protel Air HTML5 User Rights

New user right for saving list view

System > User administration > User Roles > Add / Edit

This right allows the user to save a configured list view “for all users”.

 User right name: PairSaveListForAll

 All of the new rights are added to the “pAir Front Office” default role. This means all users with this role automatically receive the right to use this function. Please advise your clients to withdraw the rights of certain users, if need be.

On this link, you’ll be able to find more information on March’s and other updates.


See you in the next update!

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