This is the Product Update May 2018. Continue scrolling down to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.


The GDPR law comes into effect on this 25th of May. Therefore, as your platform managing provider, we assumed the responsibility and looked through our software and optimized it, in order to provide you with the tools to become GDPR compliant.

A picture where the GDPR logo is in the middle and it has arrows taking to the different standards
GDPR Standards

2. New Language

Ten languages are available in our software, and now we just added Turkish!

a image of a dropdown with all of the languages offered on the protel software
The Turkish Language has been added


3. Deposit Handling

We’ve made some changes on deposit handling.  This comes into play in 4 scenarios.

First, is when the guest checks in, in an individual reservation the deposit matures as soon as the check-in is made, and in group reservations, it matures as soon as the first guest checks in.

Check In

The second scenario is when the guest doesn’t show up. Post revenue to balance the invoice with deposit and close the invoice. This action will mature the deposit to the guest ledger. Or post a reverse payment to balance the invoice with deposit and close the invoice. In this scenario, the deposit only impacts on the deposit ledger.

Invoice Dialog Available When Guest Is Due in .

Thirdly, is in the event of a cancelation. If a reservation is canceled, the deposit will be transferred to the guest ledger. Canceling a group reservation will mature the deposit as soon as the last reservation of a group is canceled.

This is a image of our software on the area that shows cancelations
Cancellation Deposits

Last, but not least is in case of an old deposit transfer. Deposits that are in the past are now handled in exactly the same way as new deposits.

To ensure that the reporting system can also be kept clean for past transactions, the date of check-in is included as the transfer date in the reporting for all “old” deposits.

But note that all of these scenarios do not change anything in your inventory, the changes will only be seen on any updated reports.

4. Reports

Two new reports have also been introduced to help with deposit handling. They are called Deposit Transfers and Deposit Ledger and you can find them under the function invoice. On Deposit Transfers, you’ll be able to find deposits that were transferred to an invoice on a certain day at check-in up to one day before the current business day.

And on Deposit Ledger you’ll find all outstanding deposit for the present day.

All of this helps you have a clearer view of your deposits.

this in a image of the new deposit report
New Deposit Report


By scrolling down you can find more information on Mays Update


   Moving invoice items.

Invoice window> Item tasks > Move

Some of our users were having some problems moving items grouped into another invoice, so we have made a bugfix and now everything should be running smoothly.

System Data

   Save exclusive ID for methods of payment

System data> POS > Payment methods (Flash)

Previously an automatic internal ID was issued by the system for each method of paying in the transaction whilst in protel Air. However, now you have the freedom to choose an exclusive ID for each of them enabling you to organize your information the easiest way to you.

    End of Day

Office > End of day > End of day: reports and list

Now, when you open the End of Day window, b default it will appear bigger on the screen in order to supply you with a better overview of the filters available when configuring reports.


In this link, you’ll be able to find some more information on May’s updates.


See you in the next update!

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