This is the Product Update October 2018. Continue scrolling down to read more about the product update mentioned in the video, and others.

1. PCI DSS Certified Again!

We are very proud to announce once again that protel have again passed the latest international credit card standards security certification, thereby continuing our PCI DSS compliance, and safeguarding your guests’ financial data!

This means that we are able to provide software that meets all technical requirements to protect credit card data. You can read more about this here.

2. Reports

We’ve also added different features into two reports. The cancellation report and the Accounting report.


On the cancellation report, a row with the cancellation has been introduced. Making the report more compact and clear.

This is a screen grab of the information report where it highlights the part where the cancellation reason appears
Cancellation Reason On Cancellation Report


On the Accounting report we have added a column in order to display revenue, and non-revenue relevant tax, improving its clarity.

The collum has been renamed, from ‘Not revenue relevant’ to ‘Non revenue relevant’

This is a screen grab that highlights the new feature in the accounting report
‘Non revenue relevant’ and ‘Revenue’ columns on Accounting report

Scroll below to find some more information on this months update.


The guest profile report now also contains all of the information about the specified contact methods.

PLEASE NOTE: The guest profile report is part of the GDPR implementation. With its help, you can give your guests a precise overview of what information is stored about them at any given time.


You can find more updates by clicking this link.

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