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After our regular testing to ensure PCI compliance, we have added a security feature, to help protect your hotel software from unauthorized access. This means that after 15 minutes of inactivity you will be asked log in.

These changes not only comply with the PCI Security Standards Council regulations but also offer increased security, especially with regard to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on May 25, 2018. If you have any questions with regards to this change, please feel free to contact the Cloud Support Team.

This is a capture of the re login feature.
Re-Login feature

2. Overbooking

  • We have added to our Online Help documentation regarding overbooking. There is a information on its limits, uses, example and background information.
  • When giving someone authorization to overbook, the user performing the authorization and the type of authorization will be recorded in The Action Log.  Any overbooking made that does not need any special authorization will be logged in the action Log. This includes house overbooking or category overbooking.

    This is a capture of the overbooking section of the Online Help Documentation
    Online Help Documentation Website

3. Invoices

If using the Electronic Financial Transactions interface, the last four digits of a credit card used for payment will be displayed in the invoice window. Which allows for a easier identification of different cards for one customer.

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No-Show Reservations

  • No-show reservations can no longer be copied.


  • Bugfix: Changing a non-deducting allotment to a deducting allotment could lead to negative availabilities.

Rate by day grid (RBD)

Reservation dialog box > RBD tab

  • Bug fix: If a reservation was changed in the RBD dialogue, the assigned codes for the market segment and the distribution channel were overwritten with the default values from the system data.



You can find more updates by clicking this link.

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