Yesterday, protel’s co-founder Ingo Dignas was on stage during the Education Sessions at HITEC Amsterdam.

Service Bus Technology: What’s Next with the New Hotel OS?

As soon as Nancy Wolff (Techstars) asked the audience what questions they had, the debate hotted up!
See for yourself in the video below.

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  • NANCY WOLFF, technology strategist at Techstars.


  • INGO DIGNAS, co-founder and CEO at protel.
  • JOHN OWEN, hospitality sales manager, EMEA at Mitel.
  • IRIS STEINMETZ, VP of Data Partnerships at SnapShot GmbH.


NANCY: I want to open up to the audience, are there any questions, any burning questions from you guys that attended this session that you have about middleware and that?

Q1: What, if anything, do we think the impact of service bus on the guest will be – in terms of data, security of data, redundancy, things like GDPR, do we think the service bus has any positives towards guest, towards guests’ data, the guest experience?

INGO: If I may answer? The guest experience is better because you collect the information of all connected parties, so, for example, the things the guest has done in the POS, has triggered in the POS system, or in the SPA system, or in the golf system are all travelling the service bus and are collected in one single data warehouse, so you can more information about the guest, which then can lead to making better decisions on how the guest is best to be served. Regarding GDPR it’s also a help, well, we need to be aware of it, but it’s also a help. Think that the guest is letting you know that he doesn’t want his name to be stored in the database anymore, this is a message to the service bus “please delete” or pseudo-encrypt the guest name, and this is then sent to all connected parties. So normally you would have to then delete this in the SPA system, delete it in the golf system, delete it in the POS system, delete it in the PMS system – and now you can simply have one central function where you can say “the guest has not agreed” and then the name gets either encrypted or anonymised across all connected parties.

Q2: So my question is about the standards – it been our experience (as developers) that there’s been a pretty patchy adherence to standards. I mean there’s HTNG, OpenTravel Alliance and some others (inaudible) – so how does this benefit innovation?

INGO: (Following on from a previous answer) This is the way that HTNG-based protocols work. You can accept that. I agree with what Iris (NAME) has said so we have made the experience over the years that making our own standards, completely new standards, in terms of what we felt we should use, how do you code specific situations in the protocol, it was a bad idea not to use the standard, because when you want to onboard many different industry partners, they already know the protocols of HTNG, for example. That’s so much easier when you speak to someone who has worked in the industry before, and you say “we are using this kind of message, but we made it easier, you can leave out some parts, and you can extend something which we have invented…” then it’s so much easier onboarding new partners, and it simply saves money, time and money, as the industry already knows those protocols. We did the same, as Snapshot did, we also opened up for the JSON protocol, which is easier for mobile developers, so you can use both, and in cases when you need a specific protocol for a certain use-case, we can also translate it using the service bus translation layer, you can match field to certain other messages, you can customise the messages for certain vendors if you want to.

To hear more from Ingo, here on stage at HITEC Dubai last winter, click here:

protel’s vision explained at HITEC Dubai

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