Have you stayed in a hotel recently? How was your guest experience? Your pleasant stay is no accident. It’s true that hotel staff are the faces behind your smooth check-in and neat-as-a-pin housekeeping, but have you thought beyond their smile? There’s so much happening behind the scenes, right from the moment you walk into the property. In many cases, from way before that, too!

Thanks to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) hotel technology, all of this real-time information is managed and presented neatly to the staff, so that they can really focus on doing what they love best: looking after you!

PMS software isn’t new to the hotel industry. In fact, it’s now just as commonplace in a cozy country inn, as in a posh five-star hotel. Hotel technology has developed at such a pace, that now it is really available to all.  All types of hotels rely upon their PMS to anticipate and help meet their guests’ every whim.  This reliance on the system is highlighted at every action-point throughout their stay..

Hotel Technology: The Nerve Centre

Software-maker protel specialises in hotel software management systems. The technology – now often cloud-based – not only guides an increasingly better guest experience; it drives better staff efficiencies and revenue for the business side as well. Unless the property where you stay still uses a paper ledger to accept reservations and manage check-ins, hotel staff are using PMS to manage every aspect of your stay.  And if you’ve booked a room online or picked up the phone in your room to request a meal or an extra blanket, you’re using it as well.

“Guest marketing focuses on personalising the experience,” says protel marketing director Jeremy Armes. “At every phase of the hotel stay, the more the hotel knows about the guest from the moment he walks in the door, the better the experience. A happy guest is a returning guest; using technology to deepen the relationship pays measurable dividends.”

Nick Galea, CEO 3CX said:
“All of the rich functionality of 3CX Phone System is available to users of protel PMS, allowing hotels access to full-scale real-time communications just at the point where they require it.”

Read how protel partners with 3CX, a major PBX phone system supplier, to further deliver on guest experience and staff efficiency, in the original 3CX press release here.

VP Marketing & PR at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany.

Jeremy heads protel hotelsoftware’s marketing department.
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