Watch an excerpt from today’s HITEC Dubai panel discussion “The PMS in 2020”, where Ingo Dignas, founding partner and visionary technologist spills the beans not only on the future of PMS as a whole, but also for the protel company in particular…


Is It Really Over for Traditional Interfaces?

Traditional interfaces are being replaced by more extended and feature-rich protocols. Now we can connect hotels together, for example, even connecting multiple PMS’s into one single communication architecture. Think about it.

This new way of interfacing makes it easy to connect neccessary technology partners, the properties themselves, and and all their services together, in one simple service-based architecture.

You Are Kidding Me!

Sure, it sounds like as a dream, and there’s still plenty of work ahead to get it all done. It’s just no good using the, let’s say, 25-year old protocols that the industry always uses, time and again. Let’s move up a gear or two, and embrace the newest technologies. Let’s invent something new, a new standard for communication inside the hospitality industry! This is what protel is working on – with great effort – at this very moment.



The centre of the #hoteltechnology universe, its centre of gravity, has always traditionally been the PMS, the true centre of all integrations. We are now moving this hub a bit away from the centre, to make way for an entirely new service architecture, one which is fully open to any vendor wanting to connect to the ecosystem.

PMS – is it dead?


So it’s no longer simply a PMS that the industry needs, but an ecosystem of services in its own right.
If this system is built correctly, allowing easy, open and cost-effective connections, then everybody within the ecosystem will benefit.

Technolgy Vendors Win!


We, as the PMS vendor will benefit – infact, all other #technology vendors will too – because we’re no longer overwhelmed by the 1,000’s of integrations we have to do. No longer having to CSV-based interfaces; Excel-sheets which we have to import or export. Instead, we’ll have an automated, secure and fast way of sending and receiving information.

Hotel Operators Win!


The hotel operation benefits because it can easily plug-in or unplug all sorts of technology components, finally allowing a true best-of-breed solution instead of, let’s say, the best PMS but the not-so-good Banquet-Module!

Now the hotel can select the state-of-the-art Banqueting-Module of their choice, and it is then connected to the rest of the ecosystem via our standardised protocol .

Communication, as intended!


This whole concept also also makes communication much easier within the hotel technology landscape. Another benefit is that any information flowing in this new ecosystem can be called (viewed) in a unified and structured way, so we can learn not only from the PMS data but also from any other component that is connected. Using data-warehouse technologies, using an automated way of analysing the data (machine learning/AI), we are able to surface the hidden insights that flow through the ecosystem.

Upsell, Cross-sell, Down-Sell, On-Sell!

Certainly, this also generates possibilities for extra revenue, as these guest-insights from deep within the ecosystem are further analysed and applied to the marketing plan – even in real-time!
Shift your perishable inventory at point of contact, reinforce your brand values, pamper your deserving guests.

What is meant by an Enterprise Service Bus?


The “service bus” is the technical term used to describe how the messages themselves flow inside, like a publish and subscribe model/architecture. Getting beyond the “service bus” – adding the the actual “Enterprise” level – means building an entire ecosystem on top of the service bus technology.

Can this new technology save us money?


I would say yes, that this technology will save money, because it’s a cloud-based architecture for the most part. Plus when integrations are unified, it makes it, in general, cheaper because it’s far easier to implement – there’s no development work to be done for each and every new integration.

How easy it is to use the technology?

Once an integration is certified to the new standard, any hotel can use it by plugging it in; simply enabling it by clicking a check-box. This drives the cost down further, as there are no additional technical training or manual installation processes. I would say it’s much cheaper to use this technology.


Thanks very much to Jai Govindani, CTO at Red Planet Hotels, for chairing this interesting discussion today, along with the other panellists – full details below:

The PMS in 2020

Whether a boutique or full-service luxury hotel, the center of technology is PMS. Meaning, integration with all other systems is essential. With the tremendous growth in operations and services, hoteliers are using multiple applications that work independently and can get tangled. The integration of these applications offers incredible efficiency, a reduction in errors and an opportunity to forge a great relationship with guests. Thus, leading to customer retention and continuous revenues. Discover the future of PMS.

Chairperson: Jai Govindani, CTO at Red Planet Hotels.

Panellists: Ingo Dignas, co-founder and CEO at protel; Laurent Voivenel, sr. VP of operations & development, MEA at Swiss-Belhotel International; Nigel Hattersley, sr. director of IT, MEA at Marriott International; Atul Gupta, regional director of IT, MEA at Wyndham Worldwide.

Of course, the best way to find out more about the exciting world of point-to-multi-point interfacing and the hotel ecosystems of today built on protel.I/O – head on over and take a look at the video here, or reach out directly to us via the website.

If you have any comments or questions to add to the discussion, please feel free to join in, in the comments below. We answer every question.

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