Do you sometimes get that feeling in your stomach that the team you are a valuable part of isn’t fully understanding you? Or that “teamwork” invariably means you do all the heavy lifting, and someone else takes the credit?

Don’t dispair – I have some good news for you, and it comes in two flavours:

One, you’re not alone – we all get those feelings from time to time – you are definitely not a misfit!
Two, all teams have growing pains! Maybe you’ll get a better understanding of your own team dynamic – and find a way to steer a healthier course – by reading through the following short pointers to learn where your team is currently at.

The Five Magic Stages of Team Growth:

Stage 1: Forming

From the Kick-off in, this defines the initial part of the journey.
Who’s who – and where are they from – and why – and what will their responsibilites cover – and what are we trying to acheive here? Who’s going to be accountable to whom, how do we know what “success” will look like, and how much quota do we have for all of this? What are the rules, and how shall we use them?

Time is money is resources is assets is deadlines.

Business, buisness, yadda yadda, let the games begin!

 Stage 2: Storming

This is where the project work starts to take shape…

But oh dear! This isn’t the way I used to do this type of work – surely you must be wrong? And those figures we got from them yesterday – what the ??? How am I supposed to get any insight out of those?
Meh – this is what happens when juniors get thrown in with seniors, right?

Or programmers with marketers. Or sales with bookkeeping.

You did what? Why didn’t you document it? You did? Then why not someplace where the whole team could comment on it? Have you noticed those two over there? They look like they’ve already made their own plans for it…

And there’s no point trying to reach her, either. She never takes her calls.

Hey, wait a minute – that was a great idea! And we can document it online? He’s already sent logins to the whole team – great!
What? We can cut down on face-to-face meetings too, and work remotely 2 out of 5 days now? Superb! Who boxed that one through? Wow, I always knew she was cool. Everyone is up-to-speed thanks to the new CRM Tool too – hey, we’re beginning to kick some … !

Stage 3: Norming

We’ve ironed-out most of the rocks – and it’s beginning to go smoothly. Now we’re all getting the hang of this – we’ve worked out where our group dynamic is heading. We know who has certain strengths that level-out needed weaknesses, and we’re glad we’re all on board.

We’re beginning to see that our individual qualities are the real asset – our varied approach knows no mercy! It looks like we’re covering every single angle – amazing!
The toolset has been stress-tested, and the first promising results are coming in.

The prognosis is succe$$ :)Stage 4: Performing

Stage 4: Performing

It’s all about the progress being made right here, right now. Our engine is purring as we race round the track. We are ahead of the curve. It wasn’t easy getting here, but as a team, we’ve just earned our colours, and are now classified as a “high performance team”. Yaaay, hi-5’s all round!

Stage 5: Adjourning

This is where we wrap it up – the project is now over.  The course of the last project has had it’s up and downs, but has made this group of strong individuals even stronger.

I wonder when we’ll all be meeting up, to do it all again some time?Stage 5+1: Relaxing!

Stage 5+1: Relaxing!

Here at protel, we believe in celebrating our victories – and commiserating our defeats – all together, as a team. What better way to round off the hectic, stressful-but-energising day at a trade fair, than by unwinding with your colleagues!

More Background on protel’s Team Austria

Working in the cloud – on the 39th floor

protel Austria, our subsidiary in – wait for it – Austria, has been close to our Austrian customers since establishing the Vienna office back in August 2013. Now, due to an ever-increasing number of new customers over the last three years, it is time to move out of the original office headquarters. And here is the crew… 🙂 !

Our workmates are now literally working in the cloud…the 39th floor of the truly impressive Millenium Tower, on the banks of the Danube in Vienna.

Millennium Tower, Handelskai 94-96, 1200 Wien am Ufer der Donau
protel Austria´s new office – on the 39th floor of the Millennium Tower, Vienna

The tower was originally completed in 1999, is 202 meters high and consists of 50 floors. With a total office space of 43,000 sq m, it is truely a remarkable building, right on the quayside overlooking the famous blue Danube.

Strengthening its position as an iconic work and shopping destination, the Millennium Tower and its adjacent shopping centre have just undergone a comprehensive refurbishment. Now, as quoted directly on their website,

this revitalised, highly flexible space is more than perfect for tomorrow’s business entrepreneurs.

(small hint: that sounds like protel Austria, don’t you think?)

The celebrated German architectural firm, Ippolito Fleitz Group has redesigned key areas of the tower, including the lobby, while leading architects Kaufmann & Partner have created a new shopping plaza and completely reconfigured the entrance to the building.

google-maps birds eye view of the Millenium Tower in Wien, protel Austria
Bird’s-eye view on Google Maps

This extensive refurbishment means better, bigger and more stylish office space for protel Austria.

But that´s not all, the location itself is also both an eye-catcher and has an amazing infrastructure – shopping, fitness, cinema, gastronomy, local recreation area (“Danube-Island”) – everything within one building. Hence, a prestigious address for forward-thinking businesses…

Any day now, this new office space will be filled with life!

Imagine our team’s smiling faces behind these desks, within their shiny, new and colourful office.

protel Austria says “hello”

Stephie is the “living-appointments-book” and teambuilding coordinator, she knows how to pull a team together. As Jr. Area Sales Manager, Verena knows a lot about our Austrian customers – giving her the title “The Walking Customer Database”. Kathi is referred to as the head of the team, managing the administrative part (obviously also being relaxed enough to work on the floor with nothing but her laptop).

Nebo is officially leading the support team, behind the scenes though, everyone calls him “the chocolate bear”. Should anything be unclear for the sales team, they ask for Oli – the crazy Tyrolean allrounder – as he always knows what do to.

Evelyn made herself a name as solution-oriented customer supporter. And last but not least there is Martin, who will soon play his part in the support team.

Kathi is sitting on the floor of the new office with a black laptop on her lap
Kathi waiting for the office furniture

This young and dynamic team really enjoy what they do, and the trusted “work” atmosphere they generate is literally addictive..

More info about the #protelfamily or our products wanted? No problem at all!

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