Colouring books are back—for adults. Why, you ask? Well, adults feel overworked and overstimulated nowadays. An offline activity like colouring helps when it comes to feeling ‘relaxed and at peace.’ Colouring is a mentally stimulating activity that doesn’t involve the Internet or smart phones. Here at protel, some of us have also joined the bandwagon:

The Adult Colouring Book Craze: Why Colouring In Pictures Soothes the Mind

Melbourne neuropsychologist Stan Rodski researched how colouring in pictures affects the brain. The eventual results were later used to curate his colouring book, Colourtation. Colourtation’s simple colouring designs gained significant popularity among its adult audience. In fact, the colouring book sold so well that large company work forces have utilized the book.

Colourtation isn’t the only adult colouring book making its way into the corporate world. And it’s not the only adult colouring book used to help adults see some peace and quiet at work. Colouring in illustrations actually has a soothing effect for adults. It helps calm the mind, as well as optimize active behaviors long after the colouring’s done.

Colourtation utilizes data taken from tests exploring that very prospect. Patients who showed stressful beta brainwave frequencies alleviated negative effects associated with them. Colouring more or less helps transform those brainwaves into calmer alpha brainwave frequencies.

Colouring books essentially help adults de-stress in a creative way. It helps adults focus on an activity disconnected from an already always on world. Many adults who have adopted colouring as a pastime found they ‘feel relaxed and ready to return to work.’ Spending as much as least thirty minutes of colouring really makes a difference.

Different teams, different habits: If complex problem solving takes your stress away, you can go to the Sudoku challenge on the support floor.
Different teams, different habits: If complex problem solving takes your stress away, you can go to the Sudoku challenge on the support floor.

Some adults do have reservations about colouring after a certain age. But their opinions don’t matter too much. Many adults do have a new found appreciation for colouring. And, quite honestly, colouring can be a fun activity for anyone of any age. While demand comes and goes, colouring will always be timeless.

Coloured Pencils Are Back In… And Then Out Again

Fun fact: The explosive popularity of colouring books have led to an interesting phenomenon. Coloured pencils have been going out of stock around the world.

How bad is it? Well, coloured pencil manufacturers like Faber Castell have found they can’t quite meet demand. It’s gotten to the point where factories now have to run extra shifts to meet the growing demand!

If everything else fails, there’s still bubble wrap!
If everything else fails, there’s still bubble wrap!

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