Does this sound familiar to you? Sitting the whole day in the office and the only walk you take is to the cafeteria during lunchtime or the – especially in the cold season of the year – almost infinite long way to the smoking corner?

Well, we all know… going for a walk is healthy and it is proven that people spending their time outside get sick much less often. However, though, you still think that there is no way to improve your health without activities like jogging, football or working out at the gym, right?

#protelfamily is proving you wrong!

We are taking part in the GCC Challenge – an Employee Health and Performance Program tracking the steps that were made by the participating teams day-by-day.

So how exactly does the GCC Challenge work?

The participants get a pedometer that tracks exactly how many steps are made per day. Cycling and swimming are allowed too, although these entries have to be made manually over the web app. Two ways of entering the daily number of steps are given – either manually via the GCC app/website, or by synchronization with a smartphone. You can even use your own health-tracker device (like from Fitbit or Jawbone etc.) if you use them already.

So virtually, we – as a team – walk around the world. London, Wellington, Santiago de Chile, here we come! And that’s by no means all. There will be plenty of challenges on our way, e. g. “100.000 team-steps per day”, “best team picture” and “GCC Action Video”. Therefore, “walk, protel, walk!”.


What do we really expect to gain from the GCC Challenge?

The most important part of this challenge, besides being more active during a working day and living a healthier lifestyle, is creating a feeling of community and solidarity among our employees and departments. Therefore our teams consist of people from different areas – Sales, Marketing, Development, Support and Productmanagement – everyone´s busy tracking their steps.

Have a look at our team names and how far we walked within one week 🙂


About the people behind the GCC Challenge

The worlds leading health initiatve GCC startet on May 25, 2016 with approximately 50.000 teams (350.000 participants) from 185 countries. Or in other words 1.200 companies from 60 industries are being part of it. In Germany, there are approximately 80.000 people involved in the 100 day challenge.

Our real-life experience after just one week

For us, the challenge could already be suspected as a success. People team up and walk for instance 1,6 km to our favorite doner kebab takeaway (= 2 x 2000 steps) in their lunch break. Some workmates also pointed out that the challenge is driving them to do a lot more sports and eat healthier food, at work, as well as in their leisure time. AND of course there is always a topic for the people in the smoking corner – despite the daily weather 😉

Doner kebabs & smoking – and staying healthy too?

Tell me more!  Sure, it can be done. All as part of a calorie-controlled diet, obviously…
Check out the route that some in our marketing department take at lunchtime – a route that was otherwise completed by car.


And, please, before you start to mock us in the comments below – do think about trying a freshly-made doner kebab salad – if not at Dortmund’s top address (above) – then maybe at your very own local food shop.
If you have any words of encouragement for us, then do let us know in the comments below 🙂
Also, don’t foget to have a look at our job page, if you’d like to become part of the #protelfamily as well.

Marketing Communications Manager at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany.

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